Tips for Buying a Tube Guitar Amplifier
It does not matter the reason you have for getting a new guitar amplifier; the most important thing is to ensure that you understand what you want. If you have outgrown your amplifier, you will realize that you need to get a new one and this explains why you will be in search for the same. The availability of various types of tube guitar amplifiers would give you so many options form which to choose and this might leave you confused. Here are some of the tips to help you when buying a tube guitar amplifier.

The type of tube plays a key role and this explains why you should not forget to consider it. You are most likely to find various types of tubes and they all have a certain sound depending on their characteristics. One thing you should know when buying an el84 tube is the fact that it would produce a smooth and harmonic distortion and it will have a lower output.

It would be a good thing to know the number of watts that the tube amplifier has. You should know if you would be playing in your home, in big venues, or at bars and clubs. There is no need to disturb your neighbors with so much volume and this explains why you should do your best to get a suitable guitar amp. In the same way, the amp suitable for home usage would not be the one to carry to clubs and bars.

Getting recommendations can be a great way for you to get a good amp. This means that you should ensure that you talk to some amp technicians because they would be in a position to recommend a reliable tube guitar amplifier. As long as the number of modern made amps is high, you should expect servicing them to be a bit hard. Since you are most likely to find so many amps in the market, it means that most of them might be of poor quality and this explains the frequent maintenance needed. Therefore, asking your trusted amp technicians would be a good thing because they would recommend the ones that have good quality parts and would be easier to service.

You should not make the final choice without considering your budget. It is for fact that tube guitar amps do not sell at the same price; thus, the need for you to know what you are willing to spend. It is necessary to get a quality amp at an affordable price.

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